Ancient city has several items from our 2017, 2018, and 2019 seasons .

If you are interested in any of the below items, would like pricing, or have any questions, please email

2017 Set 2.jpg


These props were used in our 2017 production “Bluebird.” The heart prop is an abstract metal outline of an anatomical heart. It is big enough to fit a performer inside. The ribs have a wood frame interior with a paper mache exterior. The heart and each individual rib are on a base with 4 rolling wheels. The ribs include an attached handle to enable them to be manipulated by a single performer. These props were used for one season.

Quantity: 1 heart and 7 ribs

2018 Floor.jpg


This tarp was used for our 2018 production “Break.” It is an abstract representation of a Rorschach test. This floor has a 6 ft. grid lightly printed on it. It was used for one season.

Size: 86 x 50
Weight: 13 oz.
Back: Solid Black

2019 Set.jpg
2019 Set 3.jpg


This set was used for our 2019 production “Chameleon.” It can be purchased as separate items or as an entire package. Pick-up is available in Trenton, FL, or shipping can be arranged at buyer’s expense. The set includes:

Size: 92 x 56
Grid: 6 foot
Weight: 13 oz.
Back: Solid Black

Screen Printed Props with Frames
• Props have a black and white polka dot pattern on one side and turn like the pages of a book to reveal a colored polka dot pattern on the reverse.
5 – 12ft x 10ft
4 – 10ft x 8ft

• 51 total, sizes vary (sizing chart available upon request)
• Manufactured by Algy
• Top is a jacket that when removed, reveals a colored polka dot top underneath.

Drum Slips
7 – Pearl CarbonCore FFXCC Snare
1 – Pearl Championship Maple FFXM Snare
4 – Pearl Championship Maple PMTM Tenor
16” and 18” – Pearl Championship Maple PBDM Bass
20”, 24”, and 28” – Pearl CarbonCore PBDML Bass

2019 Set 2.jpg
2019 Set 4.jpg
Drum Set Cart.jpg
RM16 3.png


This 16 analog/32 digital channel mixer was purchased in 2015 and still works as if new. For more information on this model of mixer, please visit

RM16 2.jpg
RM16 1.jpg
RM16 4.jpg